About Us


ILLBALLERZ.COM MISSION is to help assist as many Student/Athletes as possible gain exposure they wouldn’t receive out of the State of ILLINOIS, as well as provide Coaches the opportunity to have a database full of Excellent Student/Athletes that are available to be recruited and would fit their programs.

Coaches that need additional information on Players feel free to email info@illballerz.com


ILLBALLERZ.COM will be a resource for college coaches that are looking to recruit the State of Illinois. ILLBALLERZ.COM will give the student/athletes that aren’t ranked nationally (ESPN TOP100 & TOP60, Rivals, Future150, etc.) which is usually a handful of prospects on those sites an opportunity to hit their State Rankings. ILLBALLERZ.COM will give many student/athletes across the State of ILLINOIS the opportunity to showcase their talents not only to ILLBALLERZ.COM but to Coaches across the Nation from NCAA Division 1 to JUCO. There are those Student/Athletes that don’t get the recognition that they should, didn’t get ranked on numerous websites but go on to excel at a top level schools. Providing visual rankings from Seniors to 7th Graders in the State of ILLINOIS only. ILLBALLERZ.COM will also provide recruiting service packages to help the Student/Athlete get a scholarship into a College/University.

Also updated NEWS for the fans out there that love to follow the Student/Athletes from High School onto the Next Level of play.

The Future is Bright in the State of Illinois!